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"Laundry day is the only exciting day in the life of  clothes. The washing machine is the night club of clothes. It's dark, there's bubbles happening, they're all kind of dancing around in there."

Jerry Seinfeld


Hi, my name is Gabor. I'm the owner and operator of the best club in town. I've been serving the expat community for the last 30 years.


I offer wash&fold service and dry cleaning. (I can’t clean leather garments and carpets.) All done on premises, nothing is sent out. I'm experienced with the king size sheets and the Canada Goose and Moncler coats as well. I give a full guarantee for my work. If I ruin  your garment I'll pay you the purchase value.


It's easy to do business with me. I pick up and deliver for free on Monday and Wednesday morning. Minimum order apply. I provide a detailed receipt. Expect no hidden charges. Payment cash or card on delivery. Paying remotely is also available.



Prices in 2024:

Wash & fold service

(includes washing, drying, folding)

Shirt (hand ironed) 1500Ft
Shirt, (hand ironed folded, packed) 1800Ft
Suit, 2 piece 5400Ft
Slacks 2500Ft
Skirt 2400Ft
Jacket 2900Ft
Coat (lint removing included) 5000Ft
Polo shirt 1200Ft
T-shirt 1000Ft
Cashmere sweater 2400Ft
Dress 3600Ft
Short pants 1800Ft
Sweatpants 1700Ft
Sweatshirt 1700Ft
Silk tie 2150Ft
Ladies top 1800Ft
Upholstery 3300Ft/kg
 Sheets, towels 2400Ft/kg
Minimum order in downtown 10 000Ft